Mitch Popilchak

I am a dad, and a photographer.

Mitch Popilchak - North 51 Degrees


I picked up my first camera—a Pentax ME Super—at the age of 16. Little did I know that my newfound hobby would turn into an artistic medium that would help me rediscover myself and connect Canadians to their country through the art of story.

Like many storytellers, my journey began with losing myself.

In the summer of 2016, my mother’s health took a turn for the worse. We later learned she was suffering from Lewy body dementia (LBD), an illness that often mimics Parkinson’s symptoms—a disease I had been told I showed early signs of. As I watched my mother decline, I felt as though I was getting a glimpse into my future.

Exhausted from the stress of caring for her, and what felt like a ticking clock on my own future, I found myself at a crossroads in life. So, I traded my condo for a new truck and set off on a journey; I was lost and I hoped to find myself. North 51 Degrees was created in that moment.

On May 1st, 2017, I embarked on an 80,000 km cross-Canada journey with nothing but my camera and my intuition.

From Tofino, B.C. to Halifax, N.S. and every forgotten, winding road in between, I used my instinct as a guide, photographing the simple yet beautifully complex nature of our country.

Along the way, I discovered new communities, new friends and a new sense of self—each story weaving itself into the essence of the images you see here.

Today, those stories live on in this collection of photographic art prints and gratitude cards. It’s my hope that these images inspire a sense of connection within you. One that reminds you of the many stories yet to be uncovered in life.

And if you ever see my truck parked at a coffee shop in your town, please introduce yourself and join me for a coffee. I’d love to hear your story, too.


Light and Love,



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If you see a photo on any of my IG accounts that you would like a print of, and it's not in my store, please message me and I will be happy to print any of my images for you.

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